Mama Lisa’s Pasta Sauce entered the world on September 20, 2004 with the filing of Articles of Incorporation, and made their first sale on January 10, 2005. The brainchild of Jerry L. Geleff, the idea of powdered pasta sauce evolved over years.

       Jerry worked for United Parcel Service for over 17 years. While employed by UPS, he worked long days,   usually 12-13 hours in length, with his wife staying home to raise their four   children. She taught Jerry how to make her delicious pasta sauce for their     Sunday dinners, and being absorbed with how and why things worked, Jerry perfected the recipe down to the grain of salt.         

       They were told for years that they should “Jar and sell it.” Investigation into the possibility proved that mass marketing a pasta sauce profitably was nearly impossible, and the regulatory hurdles to overcome were daunting.

       A friend in the food industry was consulted as to how to get the ball rolling. He suggested using tomato powder to contain costs when a lighting bolt struck Jerry. He could do that or make the sauce entirely from powdered ingredients, creating an original product, never before seen.

      Using the same spice blend that was used in the preparation of pasta sauce for their Sunday dinners, and the Sunday dinners of generations of Italian families, Jerry and Lisa combined tomato powder with those spices to develop Mama Lisa’s Pasta Sauce. Because of the many responsibilities of jobs and family, the decision was made to pursue the dream of marketing their product as time would allow. 

       In the summer of 2004, after a long illness, Lisa lost her courageous battle with cancer. No longer able to keep his normal work schedule, Jerry resigned from a long term career to devote himself to his children and the future of Mama Lisa’s Pasta Sauce.  

       We build on a tradition of consistent taste and quality given to us by our namesake with each unit produced. She would have it no other way, and neither will we.